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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical therapy session consist of and what can I expect?

The idea of therapy can make some people nervous at first.  Therapy is a process where you can identify what issues or concerns brought you into therapy and we explore what you would like to change and work toward.  My role is to facilitate your process in a safe space.  Currently, I only offer tele therapy which means our therapy sessions will likely take place using an online video platform.  You will need to have the use of a computer or phone in order to meet for the sessions.  The sessions typically last 50 minutes long and during the session(s) we will work together on your identified treatment goals.

How long does each therapy session take?

Standard therapy sessions last 50 minutes.  With the exception of the Single Parent Coaching and Counseling sessions that are scheduled as 30 minute sessions.

Do you provide therapy to clients outside of California?

I am licensed to provide therapy services to clients in California only, not in any other states.

Do you offer in person and online therapy sessions?

At this time, I only provide online tele-therapy sessions using a secured HIPPA compliant telehealth platform.

How do I book an appointment with you? Do you provide free consultation appointments?

You can book an appointment with me by calling me or sending an email.    

I offer free 15 minute consultation appointments designed to briefly assess what your needs are and if I can meet your needs, as well as give you an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have about the therapy process.  You can select the Book Initial Consultation button on the home page or you may also contact me at the phone number listed. 

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I have some slots designated for those who have financial need for reduced rate on a case by case basis.  Please inquire if you feel this may apply to you.

Do you accept health insurance?

No, I do not accept health insurance at this time.  I accept cash, credit, debit payments in full prior to each session.  You can set up payments in the secure online platform I use or I can also use Ivy Pay, another secure and easy method of payment.

What is your approach to therapy and how will you work with me?

I pull from and utilize a variety of theoretical approaches and techniques.  I like the client centered approach, solution focused therapy, the developmental model for couples and structural family therapy.  I also find psycho-dynamic therapy and attachment theory useful in exploring how past experiences play out in current patterns of life.  Overall, my foundational approach is that the client is the driver of his/her own change and already has the answers within, and my role is to assist in guiding you there.

Have a question that was left unanswered? Get in touch with me today.

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