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Individual Psychotherapy for those seeking answers within

People seek therapy when they know that something just isn't quite right or working for them.  Whatever issues you are having can be worked on and worked through. What we often seek is to be seen, to be heard and to be understood.  All the answers lie within ourselves and we must do the work to unlock and unblock those answers.  When you meet with me, you will get my undivided attention and I will actively work with you to resolve whatever stands in the way to you moving forward on your journey to living your best life. Come as you are and let us get to work.

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Couples Therapy

Intimate relationships can sometimes feel hard.  And sometimes we make them harder than they need to be.  Successful relationships take effort and the ability to work through challenges, conflicts and disappointments.  Because we also know there is magic in relationships when we can show up as ourselves. Relationships thrive when there is a healthy balance of support and challenge and safety and security. Let us work together to strengthen any areas within your relationship you want to work on so that you can put your energy into showing up for each other in a loving way. 

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Counseling and Coaching for Single Parents

Raising children is perhaps the most difficult job we will ever have to do in life. Parenting alone without the daily support of the other parent can prove stressful and challenging, and at times it just feels like too much.  Being able to provide you support, tools and resources, and a safe space to process through your unique experience will make a world of difference.  The better you are able to take care of yourself, the more you can give from a full cup to your children.

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